Professional Packing Solutions

Pre / Post relocation tasks can be daunting when you’re in the process of moving homes, this added stress can make the entire moving process very unpleasant especially if you’re not sure on how to pack your delicate belongings safe and securely.

Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving are able to remove this stress from your moving process, we offer an elite professional packing solution for professional pre-packing and un-packing of your personal belongings. There is no job too small or too large that our professionally accredited team cannot handle. Our professional Interstate packers will be able to handle any specific requirements your need on your relocation.

All of our teams are professionally trained by and accredited individual to ensure that your delicate belongings are package safely, securely and efficiently. Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving use trusted packing materials, precision packing skills and always mark each carton according to the content, room location and whether or not the cartons need to be handled with extra care.

Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving are also fully insured, this helps provide peace of mind to all of our customers and clientele knowing that they’re moving with the professionals.

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Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving Professional Packing Solutions

Local Hourly Professional pre-packing / un-packing services starting from $85.00 per hour.

Our professional team will consolidate all of your personal belongings effective and efficiently into suitable cartons for your approaching move, our teams notate absolutely all cartons with the corrective labelling, fragile stickers and dual taping to ensure your cartons and belongings are able to be safely transported from your old home to your new home. Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving stand behind our teams being the absolute best Packers and Movers in Brisbane.

Our teams are also able to provide you with a fixed rate quote are based on the expected duration of the service being provided, materials used, labour and travel fees from our facility. In order to provide you with a professional fixed quote one of our consultants will need to conduct a professional and no obligation survey by either physically visiting your home or remotely surveying utilising video calling applications. Get in contact with our team if you have any questions or wish to book a complementary survey in with Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving.

Rates based on one (1) professionally trained team member and a vehicle.

Booking Day Hourly Rate + Additional Charge
Monday – Friday $85.00 + Travel Charge + Materials Used
Saturday $89.00 + Travel Charge + Materials Used
Sunday & Public Holidays $95.00 + Travel Charge + Materials Used

Rates based on two (2) professionally trained team members and a vehicle.

Booking Day Hourly Rate + Additional Charge
Monday – Friday $139.00 + Travel Charge + Materials Used
Saturday $159.00 + Travel Charge + Materials Used
Sunday & Public Holidays $189.00 + Travel Charge + Materials Used
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Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving Box / Carton Shop

Not sure if you’re looking to have our team provide you with a professional packing solution and wanting to pack yourself? Buy some cartons from our Box / Carton Shop from the inventory list below.

Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving provide services for pre-moving, relocation/moving and post moving tasks. Our teams conduct services for two standard booking windows as well as booking windows to suit our clients and customers needs. We have no minimum call outs, no minimum charges and only charge for the time that it takes us on your pack, the materials used and a fixed travel charge from our facility to your home.

Want to have a chat about our services? Want to make a booking with Absolute Prestige Packing & Moving?

Get in contact with Brisbane’s most professional removals and professional packing company on 0467 282 400 or enter your details below and one of our consultants will be in touch.

Material Charges

Material Type Cost
Tape Roll $4.50
Fragile Stickers $4.95
Book / Wine Carton $5.25
Standard Carton $6.75
Picture Carton $9.50
Portable Wardrobe Carton $19.50
Butchers Paper Ream (Small) $45.00
Butchers Paper Ream (Large) $90.00
TV Carton (Supply Charge) $110.00


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